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Infrastructure Security

Projects at Home and Abroad

Security Experts | Technicians | Engineers | Construction and Material Designers | Threat Identification Specialists

The Infrasecure Group Inc. brings together security sector experts, technicians, engineers, construction and material designers and threat identification specialists under a single umbrella company.

Infrasecure offers a unique, integrated, single-stop design-to-delivery portal for modern and evolving security needs.


At home and abroad, citizens face a multitude of intimidating threats that have evolved in the global community. However, solutions exist to mitigate the impact of hazards new and old—the right designs significantly reduce the impact of all attacks. Infrasecure, alongside our international partners, have answered these challenges to ensure the protection of people, property and other intangible assets.  

In a world of evolving threats, Infrasecure can be counted on to provide the best solution to your security needs. From controlling building access to securing the perimeter of industrial parks or locations, Infrasecure provides certified products direct from manufacturer. The team can also assist with design, installation and maintenance.   



From the overt protection of iconic public spaces to the integrated security planning required for governmental overseas missions, Infrasecure has the products, design and installation skills to meet every need. Completed projects in Canada, the Middle East, Caribbean and South America speak to our success—often without the public being aware of how protected they are.  This is our goal—and our mission.  


The threats faced by commercial organisations are increasingly broad—Infrasecure matches those threats. From 'building-in' survivability technology to retrofitting security products, Infrasecure has a wide selection of unique security and survivability products. These can be applied in retail, logistic, office or residential applications—ensuring the protection of customers, staff, products, equipment and property.  


Canada’s unique international position, perspective and support regarding such non-governmental organisations as UNICEF, UNHCR, peacekeeping, training and international aid has led to a unique profile, and unique threats. From protecting living accommodations to providing blast and ballistic resistant covert vehicles, the team at Infrasecure leverage their broad experience to protect NGOs at work, home and play.  


Infrasecure, and our partners, have completed numerous projects for all levels of Canadian government and private industry. From securing logistic parks to protecting iconic Canadian locations, Infrasecure has the products, experience and insights to ensure the safety of Canadians at home and abroad.  


Whether it’s working with the Canadian government, NGOs or international companies, Infrasecure has the knowledge and contacts to execute overseas projects flawlessly. In-house knowledge of local building codes, threat conditions, unique mitigation requirements and resources ensure that Infrasecure projects are completed on time, on budget and on spec.  

International Security Building Standards Designations

International Security Building Standard
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