Boom Barrier

The boom barriers consist of a robust steel construction and are designed for continuous use. Several versions are available such as hydraulic-electromechanical and manual boom barriers. One of the distinguishing features is their simplicity of installation.

The optional electromechanical or hand-operated boom barriers allow individual passage of vehicles as well as an efficient access regulation. Our offering includes both hand- and power-operated models depending on the area of application. Our motorised barriers are especially constructed for continuous use and designed to master high transit frequencies easily. The aluminium booms with white coating and red warning strip even secure wide driveways reliably thanks to variable boom lengths.

Our hand-operated barriers are mainly suited for low-traffic volumes and can optionally be secured with a supporting strut if necessary. The convenient modular system ensures a quick and easy installation and makes the barrier extremely low-maintenance. All barriers feature a robust, durable steel support structure.


Aluminium Sliding Gate

PPGs aluminium sliding gate EntraLight® is a great alternative to steel gates. Its weight-saving, state-of-the-art design combines high stability with a trackless, smooth running.

The type-tested EntraLight® aluminium sliding gate offers a particularly high stability combined with lightweight construction. Even with large opening widths. In addition, this gate has long-term functionality, reliability and is low maintenance. It is easy and fast to install due to ready-to-install gate units. The classic design of the EntraLight® sliding gate is made of silver-coloured anodised aluminium and can be individualised by powder coating in different RAL colours.

The WE-Tronic Light control unit gives you many potential contacts simplifying the connection of control devices on site such as fire alarm systems, card readers, keypads, alarm systems and more. Also in terms of serviceability the control unit gets plus points for the simple and easy programming and setting of desired parameters.


Quick Folding Gates

Our EntraQuick® quick-folding gate is a type-tested, trackless bi-hinged gate, which is ideally suited to keep your driveways secured. Its fast opening and closing speed allows an opening and closing after every entry or exit. It boasts speed, stability and is very reliable and low maintenance.

With the TÜV type-tested quick-folding gates EntraQuick® you’ll get full-height perimeter protection in the closed position. Due to its trackless design, it offers unobstructed security for each entry or exit situation. It’s fully cantilevered and has been designed with rationality in mind. The EntraQuick® competes against both sliding gates and boom barriers at the same time!

The quick folding gates’ extremely high speed allows a quick closing after each passage. This makes it efficiently support smooth workflows in everyday operation! Furthermore, no run back area is required. Because of its solid bar infill and the ingenious lever kinematics EntraQuick® is particularly stable and doesn’t require an additional floor lock in closed position.

EntraQuick® can be installed easily and quickly thanks to pre-assembled drive post and folding leaf units. It is driven by two AC motors. The gate leaves fold open inwards towards the secure site and each leaf can be opened separately if required.

The quick-folding gates are perfect substitutes for combined sliding gate and barrier installation at access points. There are two models available in different heights and opening widths. Depending on requirements EntraQuick® can easily be combined with other products. In combination with the TurnSec turnstiles it creates a vehicle access point with pedestrian separation.


Swing Gates

PPG swing gates are the ideal choice for lower-frequented entrances or exits where run-back area is limited. The hand-operated swing gates feature high-stable profiles and hinges and are installed quick and easy. Different gate infill or several RAL colours allow an individual adaption.

Swing gates are the ideal choice for driveways where back-up space is limited due to small space requirements and very attractive price-performance-ratio. The gates have stable, high-quality profiles and hinges with good resistance to distortion that guarantee an optimum and long period of reliable locking. All swing gates are galvanised per DIN EN 1461. The special, solvent-free coating methods per DIN EN ISO ensure longevity and are good for environmental sustainability.

The hand-operated swing gates allow quick and easy installation and are low maintenance. They are ideally suited for entrances and exits, which are not used continuously. One- or two-leaf gates in various widths and heights are available. On request, it’s also possible to get different gate fillings or prepare the gates for on-site infill with sheet metal, wood, etc.

Vario gates

The flexible Vario 180 swing gates from Perimeter Protection Group are quality products made in Germany. They feature a high-quality German mortise lock made with stainless forend and latch lever, prepared for profile cylinders. They are easy to install and the latch can also be changed to desired opening direction of the gate system on site. The sturdy frame profiles are punched, sawed and welded on mitre. Welds are polished prior to galvanising.


All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised or galvanised and subsequently coated with a polyester powder. Furthermore – freely selectable opening directions make the gates unbeatable flexibility. The Vario 180 gate also offers a 180 ° opening angle, which maximises the usable opening width compared to conventional gates with 90 ° opening angle.


Traffic Bollard

Movable traffic bollards from PPG regulate driveways with lower security requirements without hindering pedestrians to pass. In lowered position, the bollards allow convenient passage for vehicles. They can be combined with several access control devices and are low-maintenance.

Fully automatic traffic bollards from Perimeter Protection Group can be installed quickly and easily. The operation is carried out either manually via radio control or with help of code locks, access control devices or buttons. The hydraulic unit is integrated directly within the blocking element and allows convenient access from above the bollard head. Therefore, service and maintenance work can be carried out by just one person.

Dismantling of the hydraulic unit is implemented quickly, due to its built-in bollard loop. Excavation for the round underfloor-mounting pan is done by simple core drilling. As a result, only few manual excavations are necessary. In addition, optional top lightning or automatic lowering systems in case of power failure are available. The traffic bollard is not a crash-rated product. These products you can find on this Website under High Security.

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Turnstiles—reliable pedestrian control for all access areas. Wherever entering or exiting pedestrians need to be controlled, the Werra Entrance Control product range offers full-height or mid-height turnstiles, depending of the level of security required. Passage control can efficiently be approved with the integration of modern access control devices.

Full-height turnstiles
Our full-height turnstiles TurnSec I offer 24hr control on entering and exiting pedestrians. The full-height turnstile keeps unauthorised people out and at the same time provides unhindered access to authorised persons. Various options complete the offer and allow an individual adaptation to your specific requirements. Thus, TurnSec can be equipped with different roofs such as a modern makrolon roof. LED lights, direction indicators and various access control devices increase the user comfort.

PPG turnstiles are highly durable and weather-resistant due to high quality materials, sturdy frame constructions made of steel or aluminium and the proven TRI-PROTECT® long-term corrosion protection. In addition, the turnstiles are easy to maintain due to accessibility through lockable access panels and a hinged control for easy operation.


Mid-height turnstiles
The mid-height turnstiles can be used in leisure parks, public swimming pools, stadiums as well as reception areas of companies and authorities. The passage control is easily improved if there is an access control device integrated. This allows a quick overview of each individual in secure areas and supports you with identifying their authorisation.

A motorised version of TurnSec Midi is available as an option. It can be controlled electrically in both directions through potential-free contact card readers, push buttons etc.

The high-quality stainless steel finish of TurnSec Midi combines efficiency with a modern open design. The guiding element can optionally be filled with glass or stainless steel bars. The mechanics and control are integrated within the housing.

TurnSec Midi is low maintenance and offers a very smooth and silent operation. Upon activation of the fire alarm switch, the cross element is freely rotatable and a supportive escape route is released.


Lockdown Turnstiles 

Lockdown Turnstile 

Our lock down security turnstile is a unique product that offers a range of answers to options for pedestrian access control and security use.


When a suspect or an unwanted person is recognised by the system a lock-in operation is activated. In this case the turnstile will allow a walk-in process but will lock the person inside by turning only 45 degrees and not completing the full operation. In that case the person is locked until a controlled and supervised release is conducted.

Release can then be activated for both sides of the turnstile by turning the arms or by lifting to allow ease of access and arrest of the suspect.​

Sensors and control

  • A main controller supervises the entire range of operations.

  • The engine controller detects when a body is captured between arms for any reason.

  • A stepping sensor monitors the correct position of the body inside the turnstile.

  • Edge sensors ensure a controlled, one person at a time operation.

  • End of operation sensors for turning and lifting the arms.

Lock-in operation

  • When a suspect or an unwanted person is recognised by the system a lock-in operation is activated.

  • In this case the turnstile will allow a walk-in process but will lock the person inside by turning only 45 degrees and not completing the full operation.

  • In that case the person is locked until a controlled and supervised release is conducted.

  • Release can then be activated for both sides of the turnstile by turning the arms or by lifting to allow ease of access and arrest of the suspect.

Emergency operation

  • The turnstile arms can be totally lifted to create a clear passage in emergency cases. This can be used whenever there is a need for rapid entry or exit.

Additional options

  • The turnstile can work in conjunction with a metal detector, explosives detector or an x-ray detector.

  • When one of the units alerts the turnstile can automatically go into silent lock-in mode.

  • An alert will be sent to the control room automatically.

Optional sensing units


  • Biometric, face/picture recognition, magnetic cards etc.

  • Optional automatic lock-in operation controlled by picture/name database.