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Protected Containers

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Exsel Design & Integration design and supply blast and ballistic resistant containers and shelters for a wide range of demanding applications. Bespoke solutions are tailored exactly to client requirements and delivered by a team of security experts with a wealth of experience, capability and engineering excellence.

The cabin and shelter solutions can be designed to meet demanding weight requirements and can include the provision of power, data, fluids, air conditioning and blast and ballistic protection.​​

Container Types

  • Bicon

  • Tricon

  • Quadcon

  • Qube mini containers

  • ISO 20

  • ISO 40

  • Bespoke


  • CBRM

  • iSTAR

  • Accommodation

  • HVAC

  • Mobile Laboratory

  • Blast Resistant

Typical Applications

  • Communications, C3i, C4i

  • Radar cabins

  • Specialised equipment transport and storage

  • Deployable high fidelity training facilities

  • CBRN monitoring

  • Sterile, medical and forensic Laboratories

  • Logistics supply

  • Mobile workshops

  • Electronic warfare shelters

  • Deployable workshops, offices and storage

  • Seaborne repair facilities

  • Housing for aircraft simulation systems

  • Satellite transportation containers

  • Equipment shelters

  • Expandable containers

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