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Protected Vehicles

Exsel Design & Integration provides bespoke wheeled and tracked vehicle and trailer modification solutions for specialist users and unique requirements for defence, government and civilian applications, specialising in a number of modifications and especially Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). Our team of security experts have designed, assembled and modified a wide range of vehicles over the last 25 years from vehicle conversions to support police diving units and search teams, to vehicle installation and integration as the platform integrator for major military communication programmes.

Exsel Design & Integration has provided the capability to bring a number of front-line UOR vehicles up to a Theatre Entry Standard (TES) including the installation of communication and force protection installation kits and stowage provisions for tools, equipment and specific to role hardware. Our responsibility included, for example, manufacture, procurement, integration and installation of equipment in 321 vehicles over 14 months.

With capacity for individual and volume production Exsel Design & Integration provides tailored designs based on user input and mission requirements, with total emphasis on reliability, ease of maintenance and operation.

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