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CBRN Systems


The threat of terrorists using chemical weapons has led many countries to strengthen their Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defence capabilities and protect critical infrastructure. 


Exsel Design & Integration have designed, manufactured and delivered a number of Biological Detection Systems to Japan. Working with threat identification specialists 'Smiths Detection,' Exsel Dytecna integrated their CBRN solution into containerised shelters, which were mounted on client supplied trucks.

More recently, Exsel Design & Integration have designed a COTS based CBRN liquid containment solution, which was required to be EMC compatible and interoperable with the Generic Base Architecture (GBA) DefStan and protect against hazardous material. Exsel Design & Integration have been active in the definition of this DefStan (23-13), through participation of the Technical Working Group, responsible for its definition.

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