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Our Founder

Terry McLaughlin is an innovative, forward-thinking and passionate business owner who has successfully spearheaded several startup initiatives. Among his many accomplishments, Terry grew Terlin Construction Ltd. from a small contracting firm to a national player and construction industry leader.

Terry is President and CEO of the Infrasecure Group Inc. Building and maintaining relationships sets Terry apart from other business owners. His long-standing relationships with his employees and clients are a true testament to his credibility and role as a trusted business partner.

We do:

Industrial, institutional and commercial construction, perimeter security consultancy and high security, government, diplomatic and industrial consultancy.

We provide:

  • Integrated security and military products and solutions.

  • Armour plating.

  • Defence electronics.

  • Hardware for use in countering improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

We sell:

  • Gates, bollards, road blockers and complete hostile vehicle mitigation solutions for vehicle-as-a-weapon (VAAW) and vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBEID).

  • Blast-resistant windows and doors.

  • Turnstiles, full-entry control systems, entry control system components and mitigation systems for complete person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBEID).

  • Modular and complete perimeter protection systems and solutions.

  • Observation towers, guard shacks and secure accommodation.

  • Purpose-built security and protective vehicles.

  • Purpose-built security containers.

We support security training with:

  • Military educational apparatus and simulators.

  • Vehicle drive training simulators.

  • Simulators for training personnel in the use of firearms.

  • Simulators for training personnel in the driving of vehicles.

  • Simulators for training operators in weapons systems control.

  • Weapon simulators and other military training software.

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