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Ottawa Company Announces New Business Venture

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Ottawa - Mr. Terry McLaughlin, President and CEO of Ottawa-based Terlin Construction, today announced the creation of a venture led by his company. The venture will be known as the Infrasecure and will provide public and private sector entities

with a one-stop shop for securing structures and public spaces for both new construction and retrofits.

Terlin’s expertise is based upon decades of experience in the construction industry and meeting the specialized security needs of clients. That expertise is complemented by strategic partnerships with a number of consulting firms and product suppliers.

McLaughlin said “Our collective experience at home and abroad has exposed a major gap in the global security products market when it comes to taking a holistic view of public safety. It is important to ensure the right level of protection for people and property.” Terlin offers project management and specialized protection planning and design to the team, but the venture is also interested in knowledge sharing and industry education. One of their aims, he added, is to inform public and private sector consumers on security solutions and products.

“High profile hostile vehicle incidents such as the attacks on the Berlin Christmas Market, in London, Nice and Stockholm as well as the van tragedy in Toronto have brought into sharp focus the importance of effective, appropriate and integrated security design,” said Paul Gaston of Dynasystems. “The Manchester bombing also illustrates to urban planners the vulnerability of some public venues to violent assaults. Threats are changing, and it is critical that we adapt our thinking to a new security environment in an informed, measured and effective manner.”

Infrasecure is offering turnkey services and solutions to clients across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Infrasecure brings together threat identification specialists, technicians, engineers, construction and materials designers as part of a coordinated effort. All products offered by the Infrasecure have undergone blast, ballistic and crash testing based upon international standards from organizations like NATO, the US Government’s Department of Defense and the UK Ministry of Defence.

For more information, contact Terry McLaughlin, 1 (855) 391-4063.


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